Busy Bodies Playhouse

*Natural Holistic Preschool, Nature Play,
Creative based Curriculum, Reggio Emilia inspired,
Organic Homemade Meals*


Music & Dance
Arts & Crafts
Inspired Learning & Socialization
Animals & Gardening
Nature Play

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Full Day Preschool Open:
Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm

Our Small, Holistic, Nurturing Learning Environment sets us a part from any other school!

Small Ratios Impact Learning!

Busy Bodies Playhouse believes in nurturing and caring for "the whole child" approach to meet each students individual needs. To do this successfully, we believe that our learning environment should be one that provides our students and teachers with the greatest success! Having small group learning; gives us the ability to provide one on one time with each child and maintain a low stress environment without overly stimulating our students and teachers. Our SMALL group approach, impacts learning in a BIG way! Giving our little ones the greatest oppurtunity for success!

State Guided Ratios Busy Bodies Ratios

1 Teacher to 6 infants, max group 12

1 Teacher to 4 infants, children 6m-15m

1 Teacher to 8 one year olds, max group 16

1 to 6 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 12 children 16m-3 years

1 Teacher to 10 two year olds, max group 20

1 to 6 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 12 children 16m -3 years

1 Teacher to 15 three year old, max group 30

1 to 6 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 12 children 16m-3 years

1 teacher to 18 four year olds, max group 36

1 to 8 Ratio, 2 Teachers 16 children 3-5 years (potty trained)

Nutrition is Key!

We believe nutrition plays a KEY role in children being able to thrive and excele both physically and academically. Studies have shown that by reducing our daily toxin load, not only are we less likely to get sick but we are able to focus more and perform better. A healthy and balanced diet free of toxins, chemicals, food dyes and processed foods is helpful in keeping our bodies running efficiently and better equipped to fight off germs when they come our way!

Unlike other childcare centers and schools who use processed foods, distribution & delivery services, our school only serves freshly made organic meals. We do not serve any canned fruit or veggies! Whenever possible, we try to locally source our produce from Certified Organic Georgia farmers.

Our School Founder Basha, understands the immense stress and challenges that children with allergies experience during their time in school. After discovering that her own child had a multitude of food allergies and the difficulty it took to remove these allergy exposures from everyday meals, she has made it part of our school mission to accomodate as best as we can all children who attend Busy Bodies, dietary needs.

Our center offers the following dietary options for children (upon request and with a written care plan in place):

Gluten Free, Corn Free, Nut Free or Dairy Free

We serve Almond Milk or Rice Milk as our Milk Replacement, We serve coconut yogurt as our dairy-yogurt replacement

We do not serve: Beef, Pork or Shellfish as a meat option

We serve Children ages 6 months to 5 years

  • Meal Times:

    Breakfast: 8:30am-8:45am

    Lunch: 12:00pm-12:15pm

    Nap time: 1:00pm-3:00/3:15pm

    Snack time: 3:30pm-3:45pm


Cleaning with Care

Holisitc cleaning with care for our environment, bodies and health.

Here at Busy Bodies Playhouse we have carefully selected cleaning products that not only sanitize and clean, but also keep your child's health in mind. We use an EPA registered natural, non-toxic cleaner daily to sanitize toys and play areas. Along with plant based sanitizer wipes to keep our children's play spaces and classrooms exceptionally clean without comprimising our health with toxic chemicals.

Nature Play & Curriculum

During the school day, Children will enjoy Creative based curriculum, plenty of outside playtime, gardening, feeding chickens, caring for classroom pets, an amazing indoor play space, our Zumbini music program, art, loose play parts and free play. Children have the ability to freely explore our playroom and engage in activities and crafts that interest them through out the day. Our Reggio Emilia approach gives each child access to art materials and an art space to freely create! We love hanging their art up around the room for children to admire their work.

Come join in on all the fun!

School Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm

School Registration Fee: $150 per child

Classroom Child's Age Monthly Tuition Rates

Infant Room

6 months-15 months


Toddler/Pre-k Room

16 months-5 years


Have Questions?

Contact us at: 678-717-8900 or BusyBodiesPlayhouseinfo@gmail.com

Together we are creating memories that will last your little one a lifetime!